Attention and Information Overload

Attention was mentioned in the reading as one of the important cognitive processes. It is defined as the process of selecting things to concentrate on, at a point in time, from the range of possiblities available. In todays society our attention is being pulled in more and more directions with massive amounts of information being constantly thrown at us. What type of devices or design techniques have you seen which help us handle this problem now, as well as in the future?


3 Responses to “Attention and Information Overload”

  1. Kevin Makice Says:

    Congrats on being the first of your group to successfully post a question.

  2. nwade Says:

    I understand your question, but who said that the amounts of information are distracting? To some people it’s information that’s not distracting, it’s what they want. It is true though, that for others, this new information overload is overwhelming and can be confusing. I am going to be doing a project very similar to the question that you ask about memory and attention spans. For one, I think that for browsing the internet, bookmarks help quite a bit. You can just go straight to the information that you want. Another thing is that in tools like those RSS feeders, I think you can sum the information up. Don’t they have tools that you can use to skip to the most important information (the meat of the article)?

  3. chmbrigg Says:

    Good question. We’ll be talking tomorrow about cognition and attention. Be sure to keep this discussion in mind.

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