Attention and “Sliced Attention”

On page 95, the definition of attention is given.  My question, or blog, is focusing on the extent we are able to process the material in an easy or difficult way.  There are two factors that determine this: whether we have clear goals, and whether the information we need is salient in the environment.  The part here that interests me is whether we have clear goals or not.  In the example of looking at a restaurant menu to find what exactly you will eat (with having no particular food in mind) it looks like the person has absolutely no idea what they want.  I believe that people do know what they want, though.  There is a reason that they went into the restaurant they frequent.  Why do you go to a hamburger place?  Most likely, to get a hamburger.  You just select from all of the choices you have of different hamburgers, but you always knew you wanted a hamburger of some type, right?  Why else would you (you decided to go, you didn’t just join a friend who went, in this example – you had a hamburger craving!) want to go there then?  Keep this in mind.

The second part that I think is extremely interesting is only two pages away from this on page 97.  It’s a little box that explains “Sliced Attention” as being able to ‘multi-app’ on a computer at one time.  Every person (at least, in our generation) does this at some point in time.  We can hold multiple conversations with people in instant messages while checking the news, weather, e-mail, sports statistics, and other things online.  What I’m wondering about it how this “Sliced Attention” is related to our goals we set for our attention to focus on.  Can anybody think of a way that these two ideas can be related?  I can.


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