The definition of dynalinking is “Abstract representations are linked together with a more concrete illustration of what they stand for.”  Which is pretty clear to me.  But thinking about the defintion and having it relate to the real world is still quite foggy to me.  My question is simple.  Since its creation in 1998, has dynalinking been an effective tool in the HCI world? 

I don’t see how this could be any more useful from the other  HCI techniques that are already in use.  It just seems that most people would not use it nor would they even consider it to problem solve in today’s business IT world. 


One Response to “Dynalinking”

  1. chmbrigg Says:

    Dynalinking – or some derivative of it, has been used to great effect in HCI in the form of “foraging” interfaces that allow the user to manipulate the interface (representations), and see the underlying abstractions. One imperfect example off the top of my head is the visual thesaurus (http://www.visualthesaurus.com/), which allows the user to explore the relationships between words by manipulating the interface.

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