External cognition

There are obvious advantages of external cognition as well as benefits interacting with such cognition through annotating and cognitive tracing. However, is there ever a time where external cognition could slow down an activity or a goal? Is there a negative aspect of being so dependent on external cognition?


2 Responses to “External cognition”

  1. elenehan Says:

    I think as far as having a negative aspect of being dependent on external cognition it is like what was taught in class. Most people don’t remember our close friend’s and family’s phone numbers. So what happened when we loose our cell phone and we are caught somewhere and someone wants use to use a land line phone to call someone. Who do we call? If put in that situation would we remember someones number? I can’t say that I would, I would be at a loss.

  2. chmbrigg Says:

    Great question. I think any of us who have ever helped a person who was sold a computer that they didn’t need has experienced the horrible inefficiencies of external cognition. I’ve sat for what seemed like hours, leering in vulture-like position over their shoulder, waiting for the person to two-finger type the url to their hotmail account to get someone’s contact information, when their paper address book was sitting on their desk.

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