Good or Bad ?

Has computer technology become to large a part in our lives, or is it being developed to be so? The reading on page 128 talks about creating hardware/software that assists us in our day to day life, in hopes to make our day easier. Previously, people used cognitive research to develop tools that would allow a user complete tasks, that without this tool would take a significantly larger amount of effort. Now in our technology drive era, it seems that “tools” are no longer being developed for important tasks that would not be done without them. Technology, is being developed for daily human tasks such as waking up or remembering to purchase food so you do not starve. The rate at which people are relaying on technology ( People needing a PDA to tell them when to use the bathroom) scares me, soon people will need/require a device to tell them when to feel happy, or if they enjoy a movie or song.

Does anyone feel that technology plays to large a part in our life? And what do you feel that some of the benefits/consequences will result at this rate of development.


2 Responses to “Good or Bad ?”

  1. cmeibears4710ers Says:

    In our society today, I think it is almost certain that technology plays a huge role in our lives. We depend upon it to everyday tasks (I.E. communicate with one another) and most of our leisure time is spent doing something wtih technology. With all the new technological advances, I think it is safe to say that it is almost a consequence of our innovative nature as people. I think technology is a good thing to an extent but where is the line drawn?

    Someday our society could be become so dependent upon technology that we will need it to do the most basic of all human instinct. Although there are many benefits to our technological world, I think that in someway or another we are going to have to start thinking about what are the consequences of our innovative nature

  2. chmbrigg Says:

    Interesting questions. Two of the things i often think about that have already changed who we are as humans are a) the calculator and b) the written language.

    a) So few of us know how to do long multiplication/division anymore (i can barely remember how to carry the ones), because a calculator is no further away than a cell phone or a computer.

    b) Did you know that when the greek (i think) alphabet was first developed, that people (i’ll try and dig up which ones were the most vehemently opposed to it) were very afraid that people would lose the ability to remember things?

    So one way to get a handle on this might be to look back as far as we can to see what sort of a long trajectory we’re on.

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