Sliced Attention

Chapter 3 discussed the concept of sliced attention. I do alot of reading about children’s use of the internet and there has been alot of mention in the past year about the volume of multi-tasking being done by today’s generation of youth actually being harmful to youth. What do you think about multi-tasking decreasing the ability to concentrate on only one thing? There’s been research done that suggests that constant multi-tasking causes a decrease in people’s abilities to retain information and remember things. What are your thoughts about multitasking patterns in children’s behavior becoming so deeply embedded within their existence?


One Response to “Sliced Attention”

  1. chmbrigg Says:

    Great question. I’ll answer the question with another question:

    a) what is the 3-way relationship, if any, between multi-tasking, decreasing abilities to retain information (both of which you mention), and the increase in the ease, scope and depth of information retrieval (Google, quickly calling a friend, wikipedia)?

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