Bad design

In Chapter 5, we discussed bad design on the internet.  Why do you think that designers are willing to publish substandard work, often when they realize the errors of their ways?


2 Responses to “Bad design”

  1. brandongrunwell Says:

    I feel that many companies are over anxious to get their product/idea/company to where they don’t spend enough time implementing a good design. Especially if they feel that substance of their site is quality, they may over look key design issues that would make their website more successful. Perhaps they think that if there are flaws to the site they can fix them once it is up and running, and that testing the site is the best way to get ideas for improving it. Problem is, once the site is up, changing it gets rid of the familiarity that repeat users have to the site, but upgrading would have potential down time, and compatibility issues to data already present. I feel that this point is one of the main reasons that informatics, and other computer jobs are so high in demand. Business savvy people don’t necessary know a thing about good design.

  2. tspeters Says:

    I think the designers publishing substandard work are just wanting to have a completed design structure and are not really worried about how the overall design affects the users. I think more designers need to focus on the users while designing web sites because they are the ones using them. People just rush to get things done and running, but if your design scheme is not appealing to the user, then it does no good. I think thats why they allow the design to be released early with errors and such, but it won’t attract any users if it is too hard to use.

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