Ch. 5 Question (interface design)

In chapter 5 it talks about design for interfaces and how it is frustrating for people who don’t understand an interface and it’s design.  Specifically, do you think interfaces for Windows and Macintosh are focusing on the right strategies to appeal more easily to the user-friendliness of the design or do you think that there is too much focus on the visual aspect of the design?


2 Responses to “Ch. 5 Question (interface design)”

  1. cmeiers Says:

    Microsoft & Apple are focusing too much on the visual aspect of design. Exhibit A, Windows Vista. If they geared it more towards the users there wouldn’t be the backlash of frustrated users. And we would certainly not have to see those stupid Apple commercials that are a prime example of user frustration with Vista.

  2. roantone Says:

    I am not familiar with Apple, however, I find that Microsoft’s Vista is very visually orientated. All of the functions are all there, but with every release of Windows there seems to be an extended learning curve. Like most new products, or software updates, previous users will always have complaints for the transition period. Overall i believe that it is necessary to take the visuals to a higher level when releasing a new product to draw sales.

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