Human Imposters

Many companies have spent a large amount of time and money on research in an attempt to make computers and computer software mimic human though/emotions. These companies believe that this will better the user’s experience, making it either more enjoyable or simple. However, in my experience i have found this to be hindering. When i interact with an interface or tool that attempts to mimic human emotions or likeness, I find that i have to first look through the “personality” of the AI to find the information that i was looking for. I do not interact with it as if it is a living being, and I find its attempt to do so out of place and unneeded.

Obviously computer AI has its place in child software and games, but my question is, does anyone see a distict benefit for software interacting with its user in a human manner?


One Response to “Human Imposters”

  1. nwade Says:

    I do definitely see a benefit in the future. I think it’s important to remember that it’s a growing field, and that we are always trying to improve AI so that it becomes more and more life-like. If we can improve it enough, we can get to the point where computers can really interact with us at a high level. What scares me is that they can then make their own decisions. I hate to get cheesy, but I don’t want something like Terminator, or the Matrix or something like that to happen. That sounds scary.

    In the end I think it all comes back to computers generating the ability to have emotions and feel. If they make decisions based on feelings, then who knows where AI will go from there.

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