Persona’s and Anthropomorphism

Companies create model persona’s to aim there product at a particular market. We’ve talked in class how this can be effective but also limiting if the company does not keep a finger on their market.

Persona’s can be used by companies to decide which features their products offer, and also how the product should look and feel.

In terms of design, can you give some examples you’ve seen of computer software that are informed by persona’s. In what ways do these design examples affect positive and/or negative emotional responses?

Do you think that there is an implied persona when a software company attempts to use anthropomorphism in their software? Can you think of any examples of software that has done a good job of circumventing the alienation some users might experience because they do not identify with the persona used to inform the anthropomorphism?


One Response to “Persona’s and Anthropomorphism”

  1. hkjung Says:

    Persona is more appropriate to develop product concepts at a initial phase, for example to define a main target user group or market positioning of a new product. Considering specific characteristics and preferences of defined persona would give rich design ideas including their contexts of use. However, those qualitative ideas cannot be generalized by themselves, they still need to be proved through quantitative user studies. It is hard to say some companies use only a certain method for developing new products. Design and developing software/product is procedural and they should go through proper methods at each phase.

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