Advanced GUI’s and education

In chapter 6 they briefly talk about educational CD-ROMs and the way some of them take advantage of advanced GUI’s. Such GUI’s include video clips, audio clips, text, and diagrams all conveniently rapped up into one package. The danger of such interfaces are the fun and enjoyable video/audio clips often take priority to the boring texts and diagrams. Often such interfaces have found a solution to this danger by making the text reading a requirement before watching the videos. However, I feel that having a variety of information available to use as you want and need as a benefit. Certain people may never find themselves interested in a subject if they are required to read through text that they don’t find worthwhile and interesting. Do you agree? If someone thinks a video on a subject is interesting and wants further information they can read the text or not. I don’t feel like this is a negative aspect of Advanced graphical interfaces. Quality over quantity of information in this case.  


One Response to “Advanced GUI’s and education”

  1. nwade Says:

    I agree with your conclusions completely, but maybe for a slightly different reason. Perhaps some people, as you said, justy don’t like to read the text. I know I prefer video and audio supplements instead. Sometimes it’s not enough though. If the audio and video portions only cover parts of the text that is the primary form of information, then you miss a good chunk of knowledge that you would have if you just even skimmed the text. I’m not so sure the way of the future is more extended videos, but that could be a possibility if these videos capture all elements of the reading. What about a whole audio version of the reading? I’d listen to those rather than read in a heartbeat.

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