Ch. 6 Question

In this chapter it talks about the advancements in interaction design and how the users will interact with them.  Something that I found interesting was the speech recognition allowing people to talk and the computer will input the information.  Do you think typing will become obsolete as this technology grows, allowing people to just talk to their computer and it will do the typing?


2 Responses to “Ch. 6 Question”

  1. saebauer Says:

    I think for right now typing is going to stick around for quite a while just because of the problems associated with voice recognition software currently. Also, I feel that typing will never become completely obsolete just because there are times when you would need to write silently and wouldn’t be able to speak out loud to your computer.

  2. prdelong Says:

    I agree with Mr. Bauer above here. How would the editing of documents be sped up with voice commands. A mouse/keyboard input device would allow me manipulate data on a screen far quicker than a voice command would due to the specific nature of the requests. If it gets to the point where I can think instead of type/speak, then we’ll really see some sparks fly. That is way off in the future though.

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