Cyborgs and Bionics?

In Chapter 6, the research and design issues of wearable interfaces was discussed.   Moving in this direction could break the boundaries between the given body and technology and creating the bionic man/woman.  What types of ethical dilemmas are created from this?  How do we address them as a society?


2 Responses to “Cyborgs and Bionics?”

  1. tspeters Says:

    I think there could be many ethical issues with this depending on your religion or the way you view technology in this attribute. It also really depends on the seriousness of the technology created, like if it is a bionic arm or leg, or if it is the whole body structure. These create a sense of a non-natural form, thus I think it would affect the social lives of people and it would be a drastic change for society to except. It doesn’t follow the normal way of life and would have a dramatic affect on the acceptability of this kind technology. The way to address these as a society to would be probably to have groups or classes that teach people about this and to teach them how and why it is an ethical issue.

  2. nsinex Says:

    Check out this vid though about Dean Kamen’s bionic arm invention.

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