Multimodal Interfaces

I know what a multimodal interface is.  But my question is in today’s IT world, are they actually used?  And if they are in what type of businesses is it common?  In what different businesses phases would they be used?  I just can’t see this interface being very popular among a population of people, for the most part, who aren’t very technologically savy when it comes to using interfaces.


One Response to “Multimodal Interfaces”

  1. hkjung Says:

    One of the most popular multi-modal interactions may be combinations of visual and audio feedback. For example, using a virtual keyboard (for example, in iPhone touch screen), users’ perception becomes significantly different with only visual feedbacks from with sound-effect feedbacks. This might be a small applications of the whole concept of multimodal interaction. Some more advanced techniques such as speech-recognition or gestural interaction are actively studied both in academic research and industry (particularly in relation with mobile devices, which has many limitations in input and output space), and will be practically used in near future (not only for scary virtual reality..).

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