New Interfaces

It is understandable that advances are always being made to improve the way users use the interfaces.  Designs are remade and updated to bridge the gaps.  My question is, do you ever think that for some people, the current design is good enough?  If not, or if so, do you think that there will always be room for improvement, and hence always improvements being made (forever)?


3 Responses to “New Interfaces”

  1. mgoelz Says:

    I feel like that for every design there is, there will be a large number of people who will find things which they do not like and want improvements on these areas, while there will be a much smaller group of people who find the design to be pretty much exactly what they want. As you mentioned, designs are constantly being made and updated with each of these upgrades being centered on the user and the issues they have with the design, however, it seems that with each update new issues are found. I personally feel that in almost any situation there will be room for improvements and, therefore, updates and new models will continue to be made. With new techniques and technologies emerging, the possibilities for design in the future are limitless.

  2. cmeiers Says:

    I think that with every design there is going to be a level of comfort with that design. Since it takes years for new designs to come out on a system, this is very common because you get used to it. Its like buying a new car and then in about a year or so they come out with the same car with new features. But you are not going to run out and buy another car are you?

  3. hkjung Says:

    Yeah, I agree with that the possibilities for design would be limitless in the future. We can think about those possibilities from various perspectives; adding new features or new styles more than improving usabilities based on given features or styles. As mentioned in the question, design is basically a problem-solving problem/ satisfying users’ needs with better usabilities, ease of use , or efficiency. However, even small improvements (for example combining new features in mobile phones, or adding click-wheel interface to iPods) would also bring huge changes in users’ preferences and satisfaction more than efficiency or ease of use. As most products in our everyday life are becoming interactive, designers’ role is getting more multidisciplinary and influential in concept development (not only make given concepts work or improve usability of previous products). Thus we can say design is also a value creating process beyond problem solving process.

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