Interaction Design

Interaction design is a major player in the way our products are designed.  It is the method in which they are thought up and some examples would be the iPhone, iPOd, laptop computers, etc.  My question to the class is this if interaction design is used in thinking up products why are there so many products that fail (i.e. software, many media players, etc.)?


One Response to “Interaction Design”

  1. tspeters Says:

    I think a lot of products will fail because their focus may be on the wrong idea for the ways the interaction design for the user should be applied. Like I have noticed that many products will focus on the visual aspects rather than the functional aspects. So this product will look aesthetically pleasing, but users will have trouble with it’s functionality. It also works the other way around because if you do not use enough visual design, then the product can become boring or much more difficult to comprehend. Also, what it really comes down to is knowing your targeted users and applying the design to them. So it really depends on the users likableness with visuals and functionality for which the designers should follow.

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