Optimal Menu Configuration

Microsoft Office 2007 made a drastic shift in their menu presentation. We all remember the 2003 text menus which were replaced by the graphical interface of the 2007 menus. Chapter six refers to three types of communication interfaces which are text, graphic, and multimedia.

Do you think that software makers such as Microsoft will ever implement a multimedia menu? What do you think is the most effective type of communication interface for a menu for software such as the Office Suite?


5 Responses to “Optimal Menu Configuration”

  1. nwade Says:

    Thiss may seem a little bit short of an answer, but to put it in a simple way: Yes. It seems that lately everything Microsoft makes is actually harder to use than previous iterations of the same product. I’m not saying that the new multimedia menus would make htings worse, but it seems like the more animations they add to their programs the more cluttered and confusing they look.

    I know that I liked Office 2003 a lot. It was a good upgrade and was easy to use when it was new (and still is today). I still don’t like to use 2007 because certain things in it annoys me. It’s almost like they didn’t test it with enough people or something.

    What I also am not so sure about it why they offer a patch for Office 2003 to be able to read and edit the 2007 .docx files. Either they are not confident people will upgrade because they prefer Office 2003, or something in Office 2007 programming demanded a new file type. Either way, it seems sketchy.

  2. cmeiers Says:

    I think it is inevitable that Microsoft will eventually come up with a multimedia menu. Just look at the trends of change in technology. With every new software type that comes out, there are always new and improved features.

  3. mgoelz Says:

    I feel that Microsoft is continually trying to design their menu interfaces and will most likely try and incorporate a multimedia menu if they feel that this would be most beneficial to the user. This evolution of their menus can be seen in every new release of all of their product lines. They continually change the way in which their products appear while changing the underlying function of the systems little (if at all). Microsoft continues to add more graphics and things to their products and a multimedia menu would seem to be a logical next step for their design development.

  4. arsmiths Says:

    I believe that Microsoft keeps changing their design because they are trying to make the program more usable. The problem we are having is we are so use to the old versions that the new versions are something brand new that we have to learn all over again. I believe the new versions are something that new users will find easier to use and become more familiar with them faster than we did the old versions. It is a road of conversion and a learning period is required for every new product.

  5. mvadasy Says:

    I teach MS Office courses and I actually like the Office 2007 product better than 2003. Commands are more logically grouped and most are just as easy to find as before. I like the ribbon and the graphic based commands as opposed to menu items. However, I’m not sure if I would like multimedia menus. I don’t like clutter and unnecessary “stuff” coming at me. But, I think I’m in the minority! I think most people, especially younger generations, will want a more interactive interface. They are used to the constant stimulation.

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