Make a decision

If you have multiple testers for a product (which you probably should to make sure you get a broad spectrum of ideas), then how can you ever get a perfect product?  People will always have different needs for their products, or in the case of ergonomics in a physical sense, not everyone grabs a handle with the same handprint.  When evaluating user response, do you focus on one part of the users (the group you think your product will sell to the most of all the users) or do you try to make the product useable for multiple types of people (which may lead to new customers)?


3 Responses to “Make a decision”

  1. mgoelz Says:

    I do not feel that there will ever be a “perfect product.” I think that no matter what the final product does or how good it is there will always be people around that sit around and point out how bad it is or why they personally dont like it. For this reason, I think that when evaluating user responses, developers should pay the greatest amount of attention to the group of users which they will most likely be selling the majority of their products to while listening to feedback from the other group which may provide unique ideas as well.

  2. kswanson Says:

    Interesting question, but I feel the same way as mgoelz…there will never be a perfect product. I also agree with the fact it would be a less risky outcome to pay the most attention to the group you are most likely to sell your product to. You will know you have their interest and then you can take opportunities after success to broaden your horizons.

  3. CMayo Says:

    Not only should developers pay attention to their immediate consumer base but emphasis should be taken, through information obtained through feedback, to attract new consumers.

    Feedback can go along way in determing what efforts can be taken to improve a product for current and future consumers but keep in mind, improvements are done for the purpose of satisfying the consumer base with the understanding that perfection can never be obtained.

    The responses made to the initial questions make total sense and I agree but keep in mind that emphasis should also be taken to attract new consumers. Attempts to gain new consumers will lead to further research in hopes of finding innovative ways to make improves through-out.

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