Ch. 11 question

Other than really focusing on prototype design and conceptual models, what other ways do you think could really help designers really focus on designing a product that meets it’s needs and wants from the users point-of-view?


3 Responses to “Ch. 11 question”

  1. cmeiers Says:

    A user panel, numerous IT companies use them, I think is the best way to design a product or test a prototype because it is people who will actually use the product. It is the easiest way to get exactly what consumers want, let them pick it out.

  2. nwade Says:

    I agree with the previous comment in that a user panel is a fantastic way to gather information to help you design a good product. That’s’ not the only thing you can do though. You can look at the success or failures of other products similar to what you want to design and see how it failed or succeeded to do the job it wa made to do. You can test the product yourself in many different situations, just like your user panel would.

  3. mgoelz Says:

    I agree with both of the other comments on this issue in that user panels and industry research are great examples of methods designers can use to make a product even better. Another possibility that I see would be if the designers of a product were creating a newer or updated version of a previous model, would be to look at this past effort and take into account all the issues related it while developing the new design.

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