Chapter 4 ?

So Chapter 4 talked about communication and how technology has aided us in keeping in touch like never before, though I have to wonder if it’s all good. Thirty years ago there was a phone in your house and phones for use in public, that was all! No cell phones (which are, in my opinion, the only good communication technology aside from email), no email, no txting, facebook or anything else, just a couple of simple ways to find someone.

They weren’t always convenient, but that’s why the cell phone was invented, however I think that’s where we should’ve stopped. I fail to see why I need to have a cell phone, email, facebook, txting, AIM and all other forms of communication that I do, when frankly, I’d rather just have the phone. Anyone else agree?


3 Responses to “Chapter 4 ?”

  1. cpbauer Says:

    I don’t fully agree that we should limit ourselves to having phones, but I do agree that it is a hassle to keep track of all the different sources that people use to communicate. I check my email way more often than I prefer everyday, and I do not like checking facebook either even though I do about every other day just to check for messages. I do like AIM because I can casually talk to my college friends that have graduated and live in other cities without having to call them just to see what’s up. I do wish texting was never invented, it is just annoying.

  2. cmeiers Says:

    I don’t agree with you either. While you make a valid point about how we are connected in every way shape or form, I do not consider this to be a bad thing. To this day, I think facebook is about the stupidest thing to come out since the tickle me elmo but I believe in communications like text messaging and email. Here are my points:
    A) e-mail is about the most inexpensive way to send mail and message because most email accounts on the net are absolutely free.
    B) Text messaging can be discreet and talking to someone will not bother someone else next to you. Just like say, if you were talking on the phone in class. It would disrupt everyone. Now you just send a text messages.
    C) While all the above are good. I still say facebook and myspace are stupid, (Sorry just wanted to say that one more time), because all it is advertising yourself. Just get an AIM account its about the same thing and you don’t have to advertise yourself as looking for “whatever I can get”. (Yes I am a facebook user but rarely check it)

  3. nwade Says:

    I can see where you are coming from. The only thing I use my cell phone for is talking. Texting is a nice convenience, but I wonder why sometimes people can’t just wait until I get out of class to talk to me. It’s like people need immediate information about things that just don’t matter that much. If it really matters, I would rather just step out of my business for a minute or two and call.
    E-mail is a good thing though, as long as (like the cell phone texting) it’s known that there is a delay in communication. It still lacks the feeling and tone of an audible conversation, though.
    The social networks get annoying as well, but I do think that they have potential if they evolve into something more than a myspace or facebook. It just seems like these get almost pointless at times.

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