HP’s Halo Collaboration Meeting Room

Chapter 4 talks about social mechanisms in communication and collaboration. HP has developed a collaboration system which takes video conferencing to the next level. Here is link to a picture of their Halo meeting room (http://h71028.www7.hp.com/enterprise/cache/572524-0-0-0-121.html) and videos can also be found on their site. To me this technology seems like an amazing upgrade from board room meetings where groups of people in a company who were not able to be present must listen and participate simply through a speaker phone or low quality video images. In this new system it feels as if the people were actually sitting in the same room as you. What advantages would this life-like atmosphere bring to the table? What do you think about this new system and can you see it’s implementation being widespread?


One Response to “HP’s Halo Collaboration Meeting Room”

  1. tspeters Says:

    I think this would bring many advantages considering you could really understand what someone is trying to say. If they are using gestures or any other forms of visual expression this would really help because it helps explains things more. Another thing I think that would help is that it would make things more efficient and would develop less problems. I think this is very cool and important for businesses because it allows them to be more dynamic. Yes, I can see the developing as a widespread technology because allows many benefits for company’s.

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