Final Blog: The First Impression

My group is improving  Now most people would say that it is bold that I say that we are improving it but believe me if you have ever visited that site there is nothing that site needs more.  To put it frank, the design of that website looks like it was a 10 year olds 5th grade project.  I have visited it once since due to the fact that the design is so frustrating that it makes me want to slap the person that created that website.

The case stated above is something that, unfortunately, is very common.  Most people who design websites do not think of the user when developing webpages.  As a result, user frustration is very common.  Which brings me to my point.  A user’s first impression of a website is very important.  If the user gets frustrated, ala, on the first visit, it is unlikely they will revisit that webpage at another time.  Regardless of the infomation on the webpage, users are more likely to find another webpage rather than sort through a poorly organized website.

So my question posted is this.   Do you agree with that assumption, the assumption that a users first impression of a website will ultimately determine if that site will be used in the future by that user?  First impression are humans way of determining long term connections with people but can the same thing be said about humans and computers (in this case the website)?

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2 Responses to “Final Blog: The First Impression”

  1. tspeters Says:

    Yeah I do agree with this assumption for the most part because I really do think it is very important to the user to be able to grasp what they are looking at within a web site before the have to start clicking around. I personally think this is why google took over search engines because it is so simple and as soon as you get to the site, the homepage is telling you that it is a search engine. Sites like yahoo have so much other stuff on it’s search page which makes it seem more confusing. The reason I said I agreed to this for the most part is because I think some people will enter a site and hate it, but if it is the only site that can find something they are looking for or do something else that is only found on this site then they will continue to use it.

  2. mgoelz Says:

    I feel that a positive first impression will most definitely increase the likelihood of a user returning, but I also think that in many cases, a user may experience a negative first impression of a site, but after using it a few times discovers features and tools which the user did not seen the first couple visits. A user may experience some frustration at first but after time enjoy the experience, but many times a user is simply content with finding a new site and never returning which is why first impressions are extremely important.

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