Buying from Online

For our project, my group is looking at, a free online auction tool, marketed directly against eBay. The site seems like a nice idea up front, but we noticed a couple of problems early on when exploring. The first is the amount of content brought up is way too much for anyone to look at on a first visit. The second is that the site seems so hung up on showing people who they are and how secure they are that it starts to take away from the page itself.

We’re looking to address this issue directly by reorganizing the front page to show you less on your first visit, and have all the links moved into hide-able menus. Also, while the security aspects are good, they need to be toned down and moved out of the way. But I’m wondering how we should restructure, where to put everything, and what users are concerned with when they’re shopping online.

What do you guys think? When you shop online, are you concerned about putting your money out there, or have those fears gone away for you. The ‘free’ aspect of USiFF is nice and I’m sure you’d like to see that, but when you first go there, what else do you want to know? Also, do you feel the clutter we’re referring to on the site?


3 Responses to “Buying from Online”

  1. elenehan Says:

    I know that there are web sites that are not safe to buy things from. But I guess thats why I stick to well known sits like Ebay, Macy’s, JCPenney, and Amazon, I tend to buy things at the stores that I know wouldn’t just take my money but never send me anything. However I have bought things from not so well known sites, if they look to me like they are worthy of my trust. I also think that the cluttering can have an effect, I know just as a user if the site looks professional (even if its not) I will more than likely buy from it. And I think cluttering can make a site look not professional.

  2. cpbauer Says:

    I do like knowing that any web site that I would use for commerce transactions are trustworthy. My first thought of the web site is that it is clustered with too much information and it is hard to navigate. But in regards to trustworthyness, that is a very important factor. If I just fell upon the web site when surfing I would not like it and ignore it. But if I was determined to buy or sell something over the Internet then I would like the web site because I feel I could trust it.

  3. Lance Says:

    So yeah I just made a post… and it deleted it all.. wtf..


    It doesn’t matter if the site is actually secure or not… people won’t believe so if the site doesn’t look like it is safe. All those blue links makes Usiff look like an advertisment site..not an auction site.. >=(

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