Final blog assignment

I am very interested in how video games relate to HCI and the different tactics that video game designers use to appeal to it’s users.  Obviously there are different genres like sports, racing, action, simulation, etc., but there are many other different decisions that goes into playing a certain video game.  One trend that I have seen is that many people that have purchased past video games and an updated version of the game comes out they will usually buy it if they liked the previous version.  So the obvious reason for game companies to continue developing newer versions of this game is because it will still sell good because of it’s past performance, but this is not always the case.

So there are certain trends that game developers can follow, but there are many other reasons why a game will succeed.  Something that is becoming more popular is demos being more available before the original version can be bought by consumers.  This allows users to test the game before they can play the real version, thus allowing them with better input about whether or not they want to buy the game.  This is also becoming much more accessible for video gamers because on systems like the Xbox 360 you can just download the demos for free.  Another thing developers like to do is release video updates of the video game, so enthusiasts can see the progress of the game.  This really creates anticipation for the release of the game, but it does not develop a real sense of how you play the game.

Other than that I know there are things like E3 and the game developers conference where you can play new games and see all the new video game technologies.  This really is not that available to the average video game player though, so it really is not a good form of interaction to test the average video gamer.

There are many different reasons why people play video games, so it is very hard to make a game that is right for everyone. So I was wondering what are some of the different ways developers have tried to get gamers to buy their product that you have seen? What ways were successful and what ways were not?  What other trends do video gamers follow?  What trends do game developers follow?  What can the game designers do to allow video gamers to have a better since of what there video game is like, rather than releasing demos and videos?   What do you think game designers are trying to implement the most into video games to allow gamers to have the best interaction with the game?


2 Responses to “Final blog assignment”

  1. mgoelz Says:

    One way I have seen developers get users excited about their games and promote their products are release parties and various stores. For example, when Halo3 was released the store was opened late at night and gamers were allowed to come before midnight and participate in Halo3 tournaments and receive dog tags and other things before the game was actually released. Things like guitar hero tournaments and madden tournaments are also ways developers get consumers excited about their products and give them a chance to experience them in a social setting.

  2. tspeters Says:

    Yeah that is a good point, I actually participated in the release of Halo 2 at the midnight release. I think this really helps hype up the games even more because it makes it seem like it is only available to the really dedicated gamers and it makes people talk about the release hype. The only thing is though do you think this could hurt some game developers because the game has a really big hype like halo and fails in the eyes of the gamers? Do you think this is a gamble that game developers should take or do you think they should stay under the radar and then release their game? What would be the benefits?

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