There are many aspects to take in when designing a website. These include but are not limited to the actual functionality and overall user experience, content, and general aesthetics. These are all important and can not be ignored when thinking about design. However, the actual content and how easy it is to pull up and get displayed can be a “hook line and sinker” if you will, for any site.

For, the website my group is analyzing, their main way of displaying content is through video. This is actually not just their main way, but their only way. In the world of video game review sites this is quite a unique path, and may just help for them carve out a niche.

People go to video game sites for a number of reasons. Some go to just find new release, some may be interested in the latest gaming news, while others may just be an avid user of the sites forum. More likely than not, most visitors are looking for good reviews to find their next video game purchase. My questions now stands, are strictly video’s the way to go for gamezombie? Is it appropriate? Many popular competitors such as metacritic are ALL text, and offer a plain number score for all games. I see positives and negatives in both approaches, what are your thoughts?


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  1. jmochal Says:

    I believe that a mixture of both would be the best way to go. If they do not then they will fail to grasp the people that are going there to read the reviews or forums. Also, not everyone has the time to sit and watch while people give their reviews. They would prefer to skim over an article until they get to the point or part they want and read it. The problem with videos is that they can also be a pain to get. If a person has a slow computer, it will take them several minutes to get the fully downloaded/streamed video before they can watch it. Also, some computers do not have the coordinating video players and thusly may not be able to watch the videos all together. That being said, I believe that they should have some sort of text in the website.

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