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Not only has access to computers vastly increased, but the ways we interact with them and materials used for computer devices have changed too. It hard to believe that in the year 2020 the technology will be completely different from now, but given the way technology has been changing that idea isn’t that far fetched. The binding of computing to our daily activities will in turn affect our values, goals and aspirations. Are all these advances in technology really helpful? i thought this part of the reading was extremely interesting, I  think that technology sometimes causes extra stress and complicates simple tasks.  For example i use my cell phone everyday and wouldn’t even know how to get hold of some people if i didn’t have it but there are times when i wish i didn’t have it. I sometimes feel its more like an electronic lease that i can’t escape without pissing other people off and that gets frustrating.   How we define and think about our relationships with computers is radically changing. Some will be within the remit of Human-Computer Interaction to address and others will not. HCI needs to move forward from concerns about the production/processing of information and more  toward the design and evaluation of systems that enable human values to be achieved.  I think the book is right when it was talking about interaction design and how user experience goals can help lead to the design of good interactive products. Understanding the intended audience of  any  design  is a must . At first it seem pretty simple to understand the user but as we started talking about things in class and working in groups on designing things. I realized its a lot harder than i expected it to be . i guess i just never thought about why things are designed the way they are and i think HCI is leading the way in how technology and how it  will be presented in society . the relationship between technology and us is one of love and hate , but its not going to go away so i guess we will just have to make it work


One Response to “reading summary”

  1. Kevin Makice Says:

    This post doesn’t really summarize the reading well, but the insights you got out of the book are excellent. I think you hit upon one of the weaknesses of the book: exploring the consequence of technology change.

    The author seems to start with a base philosophy that technology is good, implementation may be bad. There is discussion about bringing in other disciplines to keep the tech-centric forces in check, but the assumption seems to be that a future filled with ubiquitous computing is inherently beneficial. It would have been nice to have a chapter devoted to a wider range of negative effects of IT.

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