Reading Summary

This reading was very interesting as it described how are lives are and what they will become in the future using technology. It specifically talked about the year 2020 and how we will live with technology. It made some very interesting points about how we are becoming less social and more technologically dependant. Over the past few years HCI has become a very important aspect of how technology is being developed. With the advance of technology and the constant flow of information at our finger tips it has changed how we all interact. For instance, E-mail has become the main form of communication for business, students and personal use. Additionally, cell phones allows us to always be connected even on the go. The advance in technology has changed the way we even interact with computer. We interacted with the first DOS computers using keyboard commands and no mouse. Now we have a mouse and touch screens. Another important advancement is the Nintendo Wii controller. This new controller changed the way we interact with computer games. This will soon transfer over to computer use. This all goes back to HCI and increasing user friendliness. One of the new advancements that the book talked about was OLED’s Organic light emitting diodes. One of the great things about OLED’s that they are based from organic material and use less energy then LED’s which is what monitors are currently using. Going green is the new wave of the feature. Many different types of companies including non-technology related companies are marketing green. After reading about the different types of touchingly that is being developed and already in practice it makes one think twice about how much information is being published about oneself. The new technology surrounding RFID is scary because everything about you will be stored on a tiny microchip. This chip can be scanned and everything about ones life will be accessible.

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  1. Kevin Makice Says:

    RE: the wiimote … Johnny Lee of CMU has been working with the Nintendo physical interface devices for the past year. One of the things he came up with is a wiimote white board. An incoming masters student, Drew McKinney, used Lee’s roadmap to construct one and compare it to a smart board.

    If you are interested in the impact the wii will have on future interaction, you might want to look up Drew in the fall.

  2. jasmoss Says:

    Noam, this is a great summary and really touches on all aspects of new emerging technologies and where we have come from. You discuss many new technologies and how they can affect our lives in the future. I agree with you that since we are moving towards such a “green” world there are many companies designing and developing devices to help preserve energy and preserve our environments resources. OLED’s are a great new invention and once they go into mass production they will soon be the standard of displays for everyone, which will drastically affect our world in a very positive way. It is also amazing to think about how we used to type commands into a computer and now we are starting to be much more involved with touch screens and other input devices. It has truly been an amazing couple of decades as we have come so far in advancements with technology. Overall, great summary and response!

  3. jjgarvin Says:

    This sounds like a really great summary! I agree that with the advances technnology has made, RFID sounds a little bit scary. Maybe designers in HCI will be able to control it in a way that makes the user feel more secure and still adds functional value.

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