Blog 1 – User Interface Review

I decided that for my review of an interface, I wanted to review something that I was constantly either around or using, which led me to one device I can’t ever seem to get away from, my cell phone.

This summer I swapped out my old phone for the new Samsung Blackjack II. This phone has been at my side ever since. 

The first thing that I noticed about this phone’s interface was the full-sized keyboard. This makes texting quite a bit faster and also much more efficient. Once you get accustomed to the size and placement of the keys, you can text nearly as fast as you can type on a keyboard, making sending text messages and e-mail from this device much easier than in some of the other smartphones out on the market (ex: BlackBerry Pearl). The device also has a a large display, making it easy to read all of the text and see all of the applications on the screen.  

The navigation on the phone is also very intuitive. The phone uses a combination of items to make movement easy on the user. There is a spinning wheel that allows the phone to navigate up and down, therefore making it easy to scroll through text messages or contacts in an address book. For the side-to-side movement, there is a built in d-pad that allows for movement in all directions. This is located underneath the wheel, so your hand doesn’t have to move from its original position to allow for movement in any direction. 

In terms of design flaws of the device, they are fairly hard to find, but they do exist. One downside to having a phone like this is the size of it. This is a very large device in comparision to most cell phones, and is a bit of a hassle to have in your pocket. Another flaw that this phone has is the lack of built in WiFi. This means that to access internet on this phone you must either access it as pay-per-use and hope that the costs don’t add up, or pay another $30 per month for unlimited access to things like your email online. If this phone had built in wireless, I would be able to access the internet on my phone both on campus and at home. 

Overall, I would recommend this device to anyone interested in trying to keep themselves organized with some of the built in software like calendar and alarms, as well as people who are on their phone checking e-mail and texting constantly. It has been a good fit for me so far.



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