critique of the Verizon Voyager

 The interface that I am critiquing is the Verizon Wireless Voyager.  This is the new and upcoming phone from this carrier and similar to the display of the iphone.  The major difference is that you can open it up to type, which to some makes this phone much easier to use.  

I have to say I agree that having the option to type on a keyboard makes this phone much easier to use and gives the user another option instead of only using the touch screen device.

This phone however, does have obvious flaws that most consumers have noticed.  When using the touch screen to type text messages, type in contacts or just to click around on the menu it is very sensitive to the touch. Also, when most people text message they text with their thumbs and the letters/numbers on the touch screen are very small making it harder to type messages.

Because the front screen is very sensitive many times if you do not lock the phone and you just put it in your pocket it will make calls, and click around which is clearly not something the user would want.  Having the overall option to use the keyboard does make this phone better, in my opinion, to the iphone’s actual interface and makes it much more efficient for the user.


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