Having decided to grab a copy of Spore this past Saturday night I thought it a good choice for an interface.  The interface of this game is notable for one reason really, that it has to serve a game that they gave such a broad scope in the first place.  The scope of this game covers many types of game play from a 2D sidescroller like pacman to a RTS and just about everything in between.  Considering the width of this particular project they wanted the interface to be relatively similar between each stage.  However, to make an interface that is easy to use for everyone it seems that often depth is lost or sacrificed and it is no different in this case.  While the game is overall of a high quality there is very little depth but a very large scope to it.

The interface itself is simple and something most gamers would likely try out having never read a manual.  the standard wasd movement scheme is in place where appropriate movement is required.  Beyond that simple move scheme it is largely point, drag, and click.  The rest of the game you socialize with other creatures by imitating their actions or kill them before finally getting to a galactic level and then basically you are in a god simulator creating worlds as you see fit.  The gameplay itself is enjoyable but made for everyone and so can get boring fairly fast.  The true area it shines is the editor that lets you make cells, animals, buildings, tribal outfits, land vehicles, boats, aircraft, and spacecraft.  Just about anything the imagination desires, you want 6 legs just drag it on there and watch as your creature nods in approval.  The only limitation is a simple to read complexity meter, meaning you can only have so many parts.  Aside that it is an interface made like the rest of the game to be simple, intuitive, and fun.

Spore is made to be very friendly towards any type of user.  It succeeds but the result is a broad game, not necessarily a bad thing as this case tends to show for most players.  However, in creating a simplified interface you cannot please everyone but you can certainly please more people than catering to one group.  That seems to be the trend, generalized development, afterall they have to make money.


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