A Bad Toaster Oven

So for my first blog I have decided to review and analyze the usability of my toaster oven. Why my toaster oven you might ask? Well, I use this tiny hot box most every day, and find that I have not yet mastered the interface of it. I feel that there are a great many better ways of designing a toaster oven.

Personally I don’t think there should be a stay on feature, if one was going to stay and wait for the oven to toast then they could simply set it to stay on for a longer time, and simply stop it when they thought the time was right. However the Stay on feature give the user the ability to forget about their plate of fish sticks and accidently burn their house down.

I don’t want to say that all toaster ovens are frustrating to us (though I’m sure that many more are), but as far as interfaces go I believe that the Black and Decker Toast-R Oven Classic Line is one of the worst. Though the oven is in fact very good at its task of toasting my bagels, I can’t seem to forgive it for confusing me.


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