Concept Map for the Nintendo Wii Menu Screen

  • The biggest metaphor represented in the Wii Menu Screen is flipping through television channels.  The icons (shaped like television screens) are also a metaphor for a computer screen.  Click on an icon to open a program.  The Wii Menu also includes a cork board, tacks and all.
  • The different concepts include the use of channels, clickable buttons on the screen, to represent different programs saved on the system.  The channels are movable and removable.  The cork board features a letter center for sending/receiving messaes.  The concept of a touch screen has been implemented for navigation.  Pointing your Wiimote at the screen allows you to poke at the screen like you would with your finger.
  • The concepts are all tied together with the Wiimote.  The Wiimote is used to navigate in the touchscreen-like interface.  You click on the channels to reach your programs or to move or get rid of them.  You also click on the new message button to create a message to send to a cork board.
  • I seem to have already covered the mappings.  The channels represent different programs.  You click on them to run the programs.  The letters on the cork board represent messages sent from other users.  You click on them to view the messages.

Nintendo seems to have taken a different approach to the typical menu screen.  They used the familiar metaphor of selecting a tv channel to choose your game/program on a television-based gaming system.  Couple that with the use of a television-like remote control to navigate the menus and instantly you feel like you’re doing something you’ve done millions of times.  This alone seems to be what this class is about.  Design your system to be so intuitive that your users don’t even realize that they’re using something entirely new.


2 Responses to “Concept Map for the Nintendo Wii Menu Screen”

  1. lynndombrowski Says:

    Do you have a screen shot (or image) of this?

  2. dvanlani Says:

    Pic added.

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