Concept Map of iPhone Texting

  • The major metaphor that is represented in the texting feature by the iPhone is a conversation between two people.  Also the form of the keyboard for texting represents a metaphor for a physical form of a QWERTY keyboard.
  • The concepts use for this texting feature are very literal.  The QWERTY keyboard can be displayed on the screen rather than having the keyboard’s actual buttons put on the phone itself.  The texts can be converted into animated thought bubbles that are similar to newspaper cartoons.  The 3D space of a monitor and keyboard can be represented in a 2D space on the phone.
  • The texts are first composed by tapping on the keyboard which creates the message that is to be sent.  When the user is done making the message, they tap send.  Then the message they sent converts into a thought bubble and is displayed above the text entry line.
  • The keyboard is the user’s word processor to create their text to be sent to another cellphone user.  The thought bubbles are the electronic image of the conversation between the two users.

The texting feature that was created by the iPhone producers broadened texting visually and mechanically for the user.  The user can easily, by the way of the full keyboard, create messages faster without having to press the letters that are assigned to numbers.  The phone also tries to correct any misspelling while the user is creating a message.   The user is accustomed to using a full QWERTY keyboard with using computers everyday.  This feature makes it an easy transition for the user to compose a message.  It also helps the user keep a history of the conversation between them and the person they are keeping in touch with.  This way a user doesn’t have to worry about deleting messages all the time from their inbox.  The producers made texting on this phone very simple and almost effortless for the user to compose, see, and receive text messages.


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