mac dashboard interface design

Major Metaphor

-The “dashboard” itself is supposed to be compared to an actual car dashboard.

-This is also kind of like a bulletin board, where you post different things you need to remember/ see daily



-The different sections of the dashboard

-features that you can add/remove

-saved “widgets”

-organizing “widgets”


Relationship between different concepts

-Each widget is placed on the same surface area

-The user has the capability to add and remove and move around the widgets

-Each “widget” is basically a button where you can click and browse around


The Mappings

-Gives a new design to the “dashboard” one is used to from a car

-Uses a clever metaphor to help ease the users needs

-When the user clicks in their dashboard they can see different aspects of their everyday life that they chose to check/read about


The MAC dashboard is the interface that I chose to critique for this weeks blog.  I purchased a Macbook Pro before coming to school freshman year with hesitance, however I am now an avid Mac user.  There are many features on Mac computers that PC’s don’t have.  The dashboard feature is a special and helpful part of my computer.  As a user you can add “widgets” which can be a little calculator, games, calendar, flight tracker or even something that shows the latest news, sports and weather.  

This is helpful because it gives you easy ways to find out everyday information that you might need.  For example in my dashboard I have a flight tracker widget, a weather widget, a clock widget and a calendar widget.  I drag the mouse to the corner and instantly I  have information at my fingertips.


One Response to “mac dashboard interface design”

  1. lynndombrowski Says:

    Very well done.

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