Automated Teller Machine

Metaphors and analogies:

– A bank

– A bank clerk


– PIN Pad

– Function key buttons or a touchscreen

– Record printer

– Magnetic card reader

– Display

Relationships between concepts:

– The PIN Pad together with the function key buttons make the transactions with an ATM easy for the user

– The personal identification number entered on the PIN Pad is shown (as ****) on the display of an ATM

– The display shows the information retrieved from the card using the magnetic card reader

The mappings:

– A customer may use an ATM to either check the balance on his/her card or take cash from his/her bank account

– A customer may perform infinitely many operations on an ATM using his credit card, e.g. he can: first, enter the PIN; then, check his balance; later, withdraw a certain amount of cash; again, check his balance, etc.

Needless to say, automated teller machines have become ubiquitous employees of financial institutions that are able to work on a street 24/7 regardless of weather conditions. Customers are especially pleased since they no longer need to go to a bank and have to talk to a bank clerk in order to perform basic operations on their bank accounts. Most ATMs are extremely easy and secure to use, which is an advantage for a customer who is afraid that his/her information might be compromised. An ATM is a perfect subtitude to a clerk; thus, financial institutions are able to cut their expenses on workers by installing new ATMs, which become cheaper and cheaper as demand for them grows. All in all, an ATM – a perfectly working ATM –  is a marvelous invention that, certainly, deserves a right to be mentioned in this blog.


One Response to “Automated Teller Machine”

  1. lynndombrowski Says:

    Yes, I agree ATMs are awesome. Do you have a closer version of the ATM UI?

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