Diablo 2 Skill Use (Conceptual Model)


In Diablo 2 the skill use is basically going around with one of your arms tied behind your back.  Sure you might get the job done but it probably won’t be pretty.




Mouse 1 and Mouse 2

Hack ‘n Slash



 Each character type has a certain set of skills to choose from.  Each of those skills can be bound to hotkey as the user sees fit.  Each of those skills may only be used by mouse 1 or mouse 2, which is also bound to character movement.  Once the skill is chosen for the mouse spam to your hearts content until everything in sight is dead, grab loot and repeat.


Skills should be easily switched by using the hotkeys on the fly.

A character can make use of many of the skills instead of relying on just one.

The idea is sound enough but in the truth of it all this set up rather limits variance in skill use as it is not practical during gameplay to switch skills constantly.  Beyond this while having skills be the same as the movement function just depending if you target a monster or not you can sometimes get a character to run around in circles trying to click on things with a tiny collision area, damn leapers.  Still a very mindless but somehow enjoyable game that the next generation will hopefully fix with a hotkey bar.


3 Responses to “Diablo 2 Skill Use (Conceptual Model)”

  1. sosay Says:

    Ha I used to play that game all the time back in the day. It’s strange I think, that this game is so amazingly easy to play, The interaction is so mindless and simple. Just click on something be it an enamey, a npc, an item, and your charactor will do the rest.
    What does that show though? does this mean the hci is very good or bad. Well the game became so popular it seems that this is a good thing. All the user has to do is make a simple decision about what they want there character to focus there attention on and the game does the rest.
    But is this really a good thing in hci? or should the user be able to give much more complex orders?

  2. Corey Says:

    First, don’t get me wrong. I love the game, it is very addictive and I’ve been playing it again since I heard about Diablo 3’s release. However, the interface is lacking and doesn’t allow for complexity. It makes certain combinations of skills hard to use fluidly and could use a slight revamp, which I expect Blizzard will do. Although, honestly if I don’t have to reload my belt every time I die with my potions then I’ll be that much happier.

  3. lynndombrowski Says:

    I think your metaphors and analogies need to pertain to the UI. 🙂

    Can you give me some examples of metaphors and analogies that pertain to the UI?

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