Texting on the Samsung Blackjack II

With the recent release of Windows Mobile 6.1 to the Samsung Blackjack II, sending and receiving text messages has become much more efficient and easier for the user.


  • Mail system (both received and sent)
  • Instant Message-like conversation window
  • Inbox – organized by user (either sent or received)
  • Compose button – on main screen on the start menu bar


  • Instant Message Window
  • Send
  • Delete
  • Forward
  • Insert
  • Save to Drafts
  • Copy/Paste
  • Close


  • Pressing each particular key on the QWERTY keyboard will place that letter on the screen
  • Click on a new text in your inbox will take you to the read message screen
  • Pressing send on the bottom menu will send message from your phone to the recipient
  • Scrolling up and down will allow the user to read both sent and received texts from a particular recipient in that window
  • Going from address to send text message can be done by the menu system


  • You can either go from your address book and choose send text message, or you can begin typing their name on the main screen to pull up their name.
  • You can also reply to a message directly from your inbox in the conversation window
  • Using the shift or function button on a particular letter can change what output occurs, ex: Pressing function “E” will produce the number “1”

Because of the new functionality of the Windows Mobile 6.1 update, texting has become much more enjoyable. Being able to read your text messages in a conversation or instant message-like setting allows the user to be able to read his/her previous text message without going to their outbox. This is a much better setup for people who may be having multiple conversations at once and might lose track as to which topic they are talking about to which person. I think this was a very successful upate to the phone because texting is one of the main purposes in the designing of the phone, and whatever way they can improve upon that aspect will improve the user’s overall feeling of the phone. Another great aspect of the phone is that it is setup in a Windows environment, which is something familiar to most users. There is a start menu that allows the user to access the programs able to be done on the computer. Overall, I think the texting on this phone has greatly improved.

6 Responses to “Texting on the Samsung Blackjack II”

  1. lynndombrowski Says:

    Well done.

  2. lacy123 Says:

    how do you get this???? whats the website???

  3. lacy123 Says:

    how can i get this on my phone?? whats the website

  4. lynndombrowski Says:


    Do you mean how can you get texting on your phone? It comes on most phones.

  5. cmschnic Says:


    If you mean how did I get Windows Mobile 6.1 on my Blackjack, this is I believe the article I used. Hopefully it works for you.


  6. Ally Says:

    Is there a way of turning the IM conversation texting OFF?

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