cognitive account of the Blackberry World




When I chose to purchase this phone many things originally caught my attention that would catch the attention of any user. 

-The center click ball makes navigation easier

-The full keyboard makes typing much easier then just numbers

-simple menu/call/end call/enter buttons

-The initial bright, colorful screen catches your eye immediately  



– It is very easy to identify what each icon does, for example an envelope to check mail

-Also, the size of the icons and the actual bright colors of them help to perceive what they may be without clicking them

-each icon has a different menu within it, which is helpful for extra options and which also makes the phone easier to figure out



-at first glance there’s confusion due to many different choices of where to click

-after a while, it is easy to see where and what each icon does, and how to navigate through

-the letter keyboard also helps the user to easily be able to use the phone and type quicker and more efficiently due to memorizing where the keys are because they are just like a regular keyboard



-each feature has its own separate section making it easier to use, example when you chose to play a game such a BrickBreaker on your blackberry, once you click that icon it is only about the game not about how to use other features of the phone

-when you scroll over the icon it says what it is and then clicking it you can find more options of how to use it

-when you first get the phone and turn it on there are instructions given on a help page before you can even make your first call


Problem Solving/Decision Making:

-The blackberry itself does not necessarily guide you through the ways to use it however it does help in figuring out what each icon does and what you can do with the actual phone

-The many different features of the phone (games, mail, internet, planners, address book…etc) can all be use to assist the average person and are initially easier to use because of the way they are set up in the phone



Overall, the Blackberry World Edition is an easy to use phone.  Although it may seem confusing because it has so many features, with your first click you are not only instantly hooked but you can easily figure out how to use it.  When I first purchased this phone, I did not have to use any instruction manual or receive any outside help because the actual phone is very simple, and and once you navigate through the phone itself each feature is easy to figure out.


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