Cognitive Account of BBC Website.

This is a cognitive account on the British Broadcasting Corporation’s website, which is an excellent source of daily news from all parts of the world.

Attention – Whenever a user visits the website, his attention is immediately drawn to a huge BBC banner consisting of three letters: B, B, and C. Overall, the web page is very colorful and has a lot of features, so the homepage alone can hold visitor’s attention for a while (remember, there is a brave new world beyond the homepage).

Perception – As a place for news and entertainment, is incredibly well-organized: besides the News tab, a user can easily make his way to the sports, TV, and radio sections through Sport, TV, and Radio tabs, respectively. does an amazingly good job in being user-friendly because it is very easy to use and learn how to get around the website. Therefore, after using the website a couple of times, a user is already familiar with it to the extent where he can enjoy all of the website’s capabilities.

Learning – As mentioned above, it is easy to learn how to use the website to get the most out of it. Apart from really easy-to-use interface, users can go on to customize their homepages through the “Customise your homepage” option (e.g. change the page color, set the type of news that appear on the homepage, etc.).

Problem is the epitome of usability (easy-to-use interface) and usefulness (enormous depository of quality news). The website successfully solves the problem for people who do not want to read daily newspapers and, on the other hand, would like to turn to a great online resource for everyday coverage of what is happening locally as well as worldwide.


One Response to “Cognitive Account of BBC Website.”

  1. lynndombrowski Says:

    Would you consider the menu bar itself to be a type of memory aid? If so, why or why not?
    (There is no right or wrong answer, I am merely curious.)

    Well done post.

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