Word Press Cognition

So for a cognitive analysis of a sight I have chosen the very site on which I am working and you are reading. WordPress

Attention- This site is mostly uniform and its different elements aren’t fighting for sensory attention. There is however a red bar across the top saying Right Now on it and gives you the ability to write a new post. This is useful as the site is in fact for posting and instantly draws the user’s attention to their ability to do that. After this attention is given to the control panel for the user’s blogging experience, as it is called the dashboard and has draws attention to links ate the top which describe to the user different tasks. These include write, manage, comment, upgrade. Further down lists of what has been occurring on the site are available.

Perception- the site is laid out in a way that is very conducive to sharing lots of information. An overall statement is given such as this one, and then it is commented on. Blocks of text follow the statement and seem to read like a conversation or story. The perception to the user is to read the information given by other users and then provide their own information regarding the topic or start a new one.

Memory- The site seems to do a lot of the remembering for you as it has a long list of past posts and comments. Remembering how to use the site itself isn’t all that hard as the concept is very simple. The user does of course have to remember which buttons lead them to what as and how to get to the posts they want to read, as the direction of the buttons is not always clearly marked. The user does have to remember which posts they are interested in as there doesn’t seem to be a good way of bookmarking where you have been on the site.

Learning- The site is simple enough to learn, as the concept behind it is very simple and its not very deep in its use. It doesn’t seem to have any useful tutorial method, but of course it is a social tool, so one could of course simply ask the other users how to complete a task.

Problem solving Decision making- The site always has a toolbar or “dashboard” present that shows the user their available options. Like I described in the learning of the site it is very social and at the will of the users creativity and ability to work with the other users. Decision making and problem solving is done through social interaction, and isn’t really a part of the function of the site.


One Response to “Word Press Cognition”

  1. lynndombrowski Says:

    I would agree, this site has a lot of information that the user has to sort through.

    Why do you think they decided to put the bright attention getting spot in the middle of the page? (there is no right or wrong answer)

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