Cognitive Account of the Aerie store entrance

Aerie is a sister store of American and was developed in 2006.  Aerie is now opening up their own store of women’s intimates including panties, bras, workout wear, dorm wear and much more.Attention:The front entrance of any store needs to always grab attention and give you an idea of what it is all about.  I first notice the large “aerie” in white on the front glass.  Then when I look deeper I see the pictures of the girls on their bed and just by looking at these girls I am able to tell that this is some type of intimate casual wear.  I also see “something new, just for her…” which gives you the idea that this is something private and personal for a woman to wear.I also noticed that everything is in lowercase.  I believe this gives it a casual feeling as well because nothing is pushy or makes you feel uncomfortable.  Perception:The perception can be understood when you see how Aerie decided to display their entrance.  All of the colors used are light pastels, nothing bright and cutsy.  You can tell they are trying to cater to a women, not a girl.  The colors show the mood and the intimacy.  They are colors of a woman who is confident and smart, someone who knows she is no longer a little girl who wants everything girly.The models that display the actual clothing in the background tell you exactly what you are going to get out of Aerie.  This is a very clear representation.Memory:It is incredibly important to the Aerie brand that you remember them, even if you do not walk in.  The picture shows two younger women being casual and close.  This picture really relates to the everyday woman and what her life is like.  It shows them being beautiful but still so comfortable with not only their clothes but with their innerselves as well.  This can be remembered because it is what every girl wants to be.  It is confident and beautiful.They are expressing the Aerie brand in so many ways (colors, font, models, picture, etc) that it almost hard to forget what you saw.  It is being drilled into you what Aerie is about and what you can expect if you were to go into the store.Problem Solving:This front entrance to the Aerie store encourages you to go in and take a look, to get to know the company’s personality.  You would easily be able to see this sign and know what you are going to get when looking at the different things in the store. 


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