social aspects of blackberry world

The blackberry world edition has many parts of it proving it’s sociability.  The obvious feature being the fact that it is a phone, it keeps you in contact with others, and keeps you easily accessible.  There is however a feature that sets it apart from other competitor phones, which also makes it more sociable.  

A feature called blackberry messenger, is in a sense a version of an instant messenger.  ANYBODY that has this phone can be one of your “contacts” in blackberry messenger and you can contact them basically with a click.  This is better then messaging because you can see if the message is sent, if they opened it up and when they are typing, away, idle etc.  This keeps you connected better then any other phone messaging services that I’ve heard of.  

Secondly, the all access internet gives this phone another feature that helps to improve its sociability.  With this phone you can check your email, and other accounts that keep you connected to other people.  You can also easily search on any website, and basically do just about anything that you can do on your home computer.  

Lastly, the basic phone/message aspects are the most obvious social feature of this phone.  Calling, texting, voicemail, voicenotes, picture message, video messaging etc…All of these features helps you keep in contact with other people and easily access whomever you wish to.

Overall, the obvious, and unique features of this phone help to make this device a social “gadget” and something that many people can easily use to stay connected.


One Response to “social aspects of blackberry world”

  1. lynndombrowski Says:

    Ok, you covered the subject of conversation very well, what about coordination or awareness? Are these types of sociability supported with this phone? If so, how?

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