Sociability of BBC website.

First of all, my apologies for posting so late.

Now, I would like to proceed with the BBC website’s sociability account.

Conversation: Although it may seem that conversation on is primarily one way (i.e. the website delivers information to a user and the user is not able to reply), readers can express their views and opinions by signing-up with the website and commenting on any of the articles. This kind of communication may seem unusual to some but it has all of the capabilities that ensure all of the voices to be heard and all of the opinions to be expressed.

Coordination: To a news website that belongs to a corporation like BBC it is crucial to have the highest level of coordination possible. To ensure that the website coordinates well to let the readers find all of the desired information as quickly as possible, the website contains all of the news sections on the homepage with every major information readily available. The only thing a user has to do is to quickly skim through the homepage and proceed with the news that he has been looking for.

Awareness: Again, as I have mentioned numerous times before, the main feature of that makes it stand-out among other websites is that it has all of the information, sorted into respective sections, easily accessible on the homepage. This certainly makes any reader aware of what is currently happening worldwide.


One Response to “Sociability of BBC website.”

  1. lynndombrowski Says:

    Does the BBC site support coordination between users? If so how? If they don’t, should they?

    Also, note that awareness is defined as, “Awareness involves knowing who is around, what is happening, and who is talking with whom.”

    That’s user-to-user awareness, not awareness of the site itself.

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