Sociability of Society for Creative Anachronism

The site Site is the online representation of the Society for Creative Anachronism. You may be wondering well what the hell is that. It is a large group that spans across the civilized world, this group is devoted to acting out the old medieval ways of life. They are the reason that renaissance fairs are held and the reason that they are so much fun.

Conversation- As far as conversation goes the site isn’t very complicated. The site communicates to the user a great many things about how to navigate the site and then gives the user the in formation of where the fairs are being held and how they can become involved. unfortunately the user doesn’t do much conversing, but I thought that some one should look at the sociability of a normal old site so I’m doing it. The user simply drags the mouse around and clicks on buttons, these buttons are well marked and some of them in fact give the user extra options or additional information if they are scrolled over. Conversation does occur with the Patrons of the site or the merchants there. Merchants can be contacted through the site and there medieval wares can be purchased. Memberships can also be purchased and information will be sent to the user.

Coordination- is rather limited as the user can only coordinate when the news letters or the items they have purchased will arrive. The merchants and the user can communicate and find an appropriate price for the wares together, but this is more likely done off the site.

Awareness- Awareness of the site there are a few things to be aware of. there is information on the site that is being updated. this is what events are happening and where they are. really though if you check the site once you will be mostly aware of it. 

I’m not sure why I piked this site to critique, mostly because I think the concept behind it is really funny and great. Renaissance HA!


One Response to “Sociability of Society for Creative Anachronism”

  1. lynndombrowski Says:

    Conversation & Awareness: You are right that the interface does communicate ideas to the user, but Chapter 4 is all about conversation between users and awareness of other users. Does the support CMC, conversation between users, or awareness of other users? If so, how?

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