Social Account of Pandora


Conversation is an important aspect to Pandora, as it is a radio site. The interaction with the site, such as voting whether or not a song is good or creating new stations, are means of conversation between the user and the site. Pandora’s instructions and guiding texts do a great job making the user feel as if he or she is really conversing with Pandora. The simple, friendly, and natural tone used helps make this possible.


Along the same lines of conversation, coordination is a huge part of The coordination between the user and the site itself is what makes Pandora what it is. The user tells Pandora the kind of music that interests them then Pandora goes and finds similar music for the user to listen to and judge accordingly. This teamwork effort is coordination in its simplest form.


Awareness is also quite a large concept for Pandora. The user must be aware of what music is playing in order to accurately vote for what they like and don’t like. For example if the user is playing the station in the background and not paying much attention to it (like I’m currently doing right now!) they may miss a vote on a song. Pandora itself is not very distracting, the site moves around the user’s radio station helping the user keep focus on the music that is playing.

After reviewing what I wrote it seems that Sociability is very important to in general. I believe this is do to the highly interactive nature of the site. Seems that Pandora is quite the social butterfly!


3 Responses to “Social Account of Pandora”

  1. sosay Says:

    Hey Great post,
    You totally said what you thought and didn’t fill it in with lots of other stuff. I think Pandora is making the other sites jealous.

  2. dvanlani Says:

    Thanks for the introduction to this awesome music player. I put in my favorite band and BAM! The first 5 bands after that were some of my other favorites. Now, that just might mean that I have a narrow taste in music, OR it means that this technology really knows how to make its users happy.

  3. lynndombrowski Says:

    Pandora is a great site, especially for finding other similar artists.

    Remember this chapter is about sociability, right? So how does pandora (if at all) account for coordination, conversation, and awareness amongst users?

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