Emotion Account of the iPhone 3G

The search for someone who that hasn’t ever used the iPhone 3G was very short.  The phone is a very hot item to have among friends our age yet college seems to make obtaining the phone almost impossible.  I turned to my newly re-named roommate, “Ed”, to help me with this assignment of recording the emotions of user with this application.  Ed has a been intrigued about the phone I have since I bought it.  He was very eager to help me with this assignment just so he could get his hands on my phone.  I must admit I am very protective of my phone so I rarely let anybody else touch it, a little selfish I know.  But for the sake of HCI I quickly got over my self-oriented ways.

Ed and I sat down at the kitchen table and I explained what type of information I was trying to record while he used my phone.  I asked to him to explain how he felt while moving around a few of the features of the phone.  I also took note of his facial expressions while he was tapping his “cleaned” fingers on the phone’s screen.  I could tell that he was very excited to start using the phone by the smile on his face and his wide open eyes.  I asked at first glance how he felt just looking at the interface of the phone and he quickly responded, “just about as excited as when I first got my driver’s license!”  Then I told him that he could start tapping on any feature of the phone he liked.  He said that he was interested in the photos feature of the phone, because he was wondering if there were any interesting pictures I had.  After clicking on the feature, he seemed surprised by raising his eyebrows like he found something he liked in my photo album.  He then proceeded to verbalize his wonderment by saying “I’m amazed at how good the pictures come out on the phone!”  Ed then decided to take a picture just to investigate the quality of camera.

Ed lost interest in this feature then went on to the ipod feature of the phone.  He said that he found it easy to transition to the new feature and was very envious of me.  Ed then tapped on a song that he liked and was very amused of the sound quality of the speakers on the phone.  Then Ed stopped the song wanting to play with another feature of the phone.  I asked him why and he responded sharply, “I want to see what else this cool device is capable of”.  Then Ed decided he was intrigued by the Youtube feature of the phone and he tapped on it and was very elated to watch “The Star Wars Kid” in action.  Ed then broke out in laughter when watching the video on the phone.

After about 10 minutes of using my iPhone Ed was very happy about the phone and all the features that came with it.  He grabbed phone and as he was handing it back to me with a smile on his face.  Ed then said, “Please take this phone away from before I spend my gas money for the month by going out and buying one of these!”  Then we both broke out in laughter.   I asked how he felt with overall presentation of the phone.  He replied that he was very jealous and the features of the phone made him feel “like a kid in a candy store”.  He also noted the phone was very inviting to use and felt like the iPhone was more than just a phone but more of a personal secretary.


One Response to “Emotion Account of the iPhone 3G”

  1. lynndombrowski Says:

    Very descriptive!

    One cautionary note though:
    “I explained what type of information I was trying to record while he used my phone. ”

    One should be careful of how much they tell a usability participant, prior to the test, to avoid skewing the results.

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