emotional account of the blackberry world edition

Although there are many people that have the Blackberry World edition, I found someone who was rather unfamiliar with the phone so I could get an immediate, and natural emotional response.  When I myself first got this phone I was intrigued with it and could not keep my eyes off it for at least the first week, (still now I obsess over having it all the time).  My roommate, who we’ll call Jane was only familiar with the fact that I had the phone but has never really used one herself.

First I asked her to try and turn the phone on, just to check that not the emotional sides of it, but the usability as well.  She easily hit the on button and was immediately intrigued by the quick loading screens and the different checks that the phone immediately does.  When the home screen finally came up, she seemed to get a little impatient at first at all the different icons.  This is what I also initially was confused about however you get the hang of it.  As I did, Jane easily figured out how to search around, especially with the internet.  I have 2 different browsers on my blackberry, and I let her click around on one of them to check different websites which included search engines, sports scores, other blogging websites and well, obviously facebook.  This seemed to be what mostly intrigued her.  She loved how easy it was to not only navigate through different pages, but to have such quick access to different websites.  You could tell by the way she would laugh at how simple things were that she was so surprised with the way the phone worked.

Next, although I have only a few pictures and no music she started to click around to try and listen to ringtones and look through pictures.  She seemed happy and if she was having fun.  She even started asking about the actual service of the phone, and battery life, and showed interest in purchasing one.  I observed how she reacted to different features.  When she was confused you could tell, she seemed very concentrated (which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing) yet when she was very intrigued she would be smiling and laughing at how simple this “computer-like” device worked.  

Overall, Jane’s emotional responses were although predictable very much intriguing.  She was happy, confused, slightly frustrated but also slightly surprised.  The usability (or in some cases the lack of) on this phone is what I think triggered all of these emotions.  She played around with the phone probably for 15-20 minutes and if it were longer I think after a while she would still be just as concentrated on the phone since there are so many features to click around and browse through.


One Response to “emotional account of the blackberry world edition”

  1. lynndombrowski Says:

    Very good.

    “I found someone who was rather unfamiliar with the phone” — Well done, it’s not always easy to do.

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