Emotional Account of Warhammer Online

   Well we’ll be going with a friend of mine also playing WAR, he’s very much into gaming and mmos as I am as well and we frequently play these together.  So for his account we’ll call him Benjen, and yes for anyone that happens to read this and happens to know that name he really is that unoriginal.  He decided on playing a Disciple of Khaine.  Looking over there you can see this character is not likely too friendly at least not any more friendly than my Chosen on the left.







The noticible fact that these are probably not your friendly heroes is one of the bigger emotional points I think of this game initially.  When we started one thing that Benjen noted on was the screams of horror, torture, or whatever other unspeakable things your mind might imagine that would happen in towns.  These towns are towns are being ravaged by the forces of Chaos.  The realizations that our characters are simply evil is one that comes quickly as you take on quests to butcher and torture those in the way.  This doesn’t create fear in the players and perhaps it is not accurate to call it an emotion but lack of one simply because it is hard to truly identify with these characters.  Even though the game is fun emotionally you stay distant, you will never love these characters and in fact if it were real you would hate them.

  Of course that is just one portion and the rest of the emotions come from the gameplay itself.  The awe as you come into a battlefield and all its chaotic happenings.  And in Benjen’s case the frustration of Realm versus Realm scenarios where he would be focus fired down because he was a healer.  It is hard to try and put a postive spin when you look at the stats at the end of a game and my guy died maybe twice and he died about 10.  As a result he became frustrated and we steer away from scenarios at times or at least do not engage in them as often until we are more capable.  His frustration is one of the prime reasons for that.

  Of course there is joy and happiness in the game that he finds too.  The joy is generally at my displeasure though.  Primarily he finds it funny when npcs attack us and even if they are aggro’d by him they come straight for me by virtue of my auras.  Everything comes running at me initially and I frequently get annoyed by that.  So there you have another interesting aspect of the game.  While he does have emotional responses to the gameplay itself part of the reactions he has are due to interactions with other players.  The game itself is just a platform.  Playing in a sandbox world with other people gives a wide range of emotions much like a living breathing world.


One Response to “Emotional Account of Warhammer Online”

  1. lynndombrowski Says:

    Isn’t it kinda hard to take notes why playing multi-player mode? Next time, you might want to take a break from the keyboard so you can better notes. 🙂 Also, How long did the study last?

    You are right, the online world is just a platform, but people have emotional responses to objects all the time. Those reactions aren’t necessarily rooted in a direct social correlation. (i.e. You’re not emotional just because of other people.)

    People can have emotional reactions to non-multiplayer games, like the Sims or Doom, right?

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