Group Discussion: What is Emotion?

As we discussed in class, the term emotion can be described in many ways, but we came up with a few definitions that are the closest to how we would define the term. We said that emotions are an internal response to the environment. We also thought that emotions are natural reactions that sometimes can come from thought about a particular situation, and sometimes just a reaction that may occur without any previous thought process. Sometimes, these responses are immediate (instinctual) and sometimes they are conditioned (prior experience), and these can accompany all sorts of things in completely different ways.

To measure emotion is not something that is particularly easy. We thought that the use of sensors to measure things like heart rate, brain waves, and other physiological effects of a particular situation could be an accurate and useful way to measure emotion. We also came up with the use of using control groups to express how they feel about the design as they look at it. You could also observe peopel using the interface and observe things like their body language and posture.

Group: Please add additional definitions and measurements through comments.


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