Emotional Response to Gmail -jaestes October 7, 2008


I had my roommate “Ashley” look at Gmail for the first time in order to see her emotional response to Gmail.  When I first had my roommate log on to my account she seemed really confused and intimidated by the interface.  The “episode” she had with the interface I would say is one of confusion.  She also seemed as though she wanted to find out how to make it work because she began clicking around the site in order to understand it better.  “Ashley” at one point mentioned that she had used a program that was similar to Gmail so after a little bit of time it was easier to understand how she would move around the site. 

I would guess that nothing was affected in her “nervous system”.  Her “cognition” of the site is what helped her figure out how to navigate through the site.  With a little “motivation” from me I could definitely tell that she was ready to use the site and get to know it better.  Her “gestural expression” was definitely one of confusion/frustration when trying to understand how to find certain parts of the site at the beginning based off of her squinting her eyes and almost glaring at the screen.  I do not believe there was a “felt experience”. 

I believe Gmail is set up in a very productive way because it relates back to many programs we are all familiar with such as AIM and basic webmail servers.  This was evident when “Ashley” was able to catch on after a little movement through the site.  I believe I probably had the same reaction as “Ashley” when I first began Gmail and am sure it is the general feeling of Gmail.


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